The historical short film is set in southern Germany in the 14th century. The young Trutwin lives with his mother in a small hut near the forest. Nothing disturbs his carefree childhood. But soon he must learn to face the challenges of life.

Will he find his way?

This short film was shot in MIDDLE HIGH GERMAN, the language spoken between around 1050 and 1350 in medieval Germany. The dialogues were carefully translated into the poetic language of that time by an expert.


about the director

Tim Gerbert

Since I was a child I tried to fascinate people with the things that inspired me. I tried to let them feel what I felt. Sometimes it was difficult. When I was nine years old, I discovered my father's digital camera and with it the medium of film. For the first time, I was able to show people what I had been thinking. I was able to make them laugh, make them sad, and convey to them my enthusiasm for certain subjects. For the first time they saw what I saw and felt. That's what film means to me. For me, it combines all forms of art. When I wrote the short film I had finished school and had to decide for myself what my future should look like. This theme was also reflected in the story of my short film. I am also passionate about history and found a way to combine both themes. That's why the short film means a lot to me and i wanted it as historic accurate as possible. I then looked around for people who are equally interested in film and so an incredibly great team came together. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me in making my story a reality!

here a piece of linguistic

culture is brought 

back to life!

dr. michael kienzle, medieval archaeologist

from start to finish, you can feel the devotion to detail in the captivating imagery

and emotional staging.

anja rudolph, teacher for film and photography

about the project

The director has put together a group of young film enthusiasts and friends. "We have come together and everyone has learned in their field."

See the FILM CREDITS list here!

about the actors

hannah jaitner

julian steinbeck

holger schlosser

Hannah's an actress. She played Trutwin's mother in the film with her sensitive way of acting and her ability to put herself deeply into the role. We are very pleased that she is a part of the project.

Julian had no acting experience beforehand. This movie was a whole new experience for him.

He impressed us all with his wonderful portrayal of the young Trutwin. A great talent!

Holger is an actor and has also specialized in audiobook and radio play. In the film he plays the healer whom he has brought to life in his own wonderful way. We are happy and proud that he and his talent are part of the project.


During the production, strict attention was paid to historical authenticity. Filminglocations, costumes and props were arranged in such a way that they came as close as possible to the 14th century. It was particularly important to us that the audience get an authentic feeling for this time.

That's why we shot at the locations: Bachritterburg Kanzach, Alamannenmuseum Vörstetten and Kloster Bebenhausen.

In addition, the Living History Group Grifenstain 1270 supported us in the production. They worked as extras in the background and partly also as actors. Special attention was also paid to the filmmusic, which should be played on authentic instruments from the time. We were supported by the musician Knud Seckel and the musicians of the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis. In this way we hope to inspire the audience for a culture and way of life that is almost forgotten in our consciousness today.